Corporate Support

Our Corporate Support philosophy is simple: we eliminate technology worries for the SME business owner and let you focus on what you know best – your business. We are laser-focused on creating and delivering extremely stable systems that maximize the return on your technology investment.

Our standard Technical Support service includes a response time less than 3hours (max) and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We also tender a variety of service contracts tailored to your specific technology needs and budget requirements. In order to better service our clients, we usually charge FLAT- FEE rates for most tasks; handled at our Retail Sales and Service location in Nepturn Plaza. Our 24 x 7 Corporate Support plans include a Service Level Agreement that would also include a 1-2 hour response time, regardless of the time of day or night! If you deem your business requires this type of support, as some of our clients above do, then contact us!

We assist small businesses in protecting their data and networks, become more productive by making it easier for our clients and their employees to locate and share documents, remotely access information and communicate effectively and professionally with their clients.

What we do

  1. We earn the trust and respect of our clients through honest communication, quality products and rapid, reliable service.
  2. We guarantee a 2 hour or less response time to your computer emergencies, even after normal business hours and on weekends.
  3. We can detect and prevent computer problems before they arise saving you costly and unexpected downtime.
  4. We will LOWER your overall IT support costs by maximizing the performance and life of your existing equipment.
  5. Our technicians will answer your questions in PLAIN ENGLISH and will not confuse you with techno-babble.

We’ll Show You How To Finally Get Your Network To Lower Costs, Increase Revenue, and Double or Triple Employee Productivity.