Computer Sales

Ready-To-Setup Systems
These systems are pre-configured to the most commonly requested configurations, specially priced and pre-stocked for immediate availability. Even though you cannot configure these ready-to-ship systems you can add extended warranties, and other components to complete these systems. If you cannot find what you are looking for in a ready-to-setup system you will find similar systems in the configure-to-order systems that are customizable and will meet your needs.
Derived from purchasing trends of our nation-wide customer base.
Identified as the most highly demanded systems and configurations.
Pre-assembled, tested and placed in stock – waiting to ship at time of order.
Competitively priced as a result of the reduced cost of volume manufacturing.

Configure-To-Order Systems
This category provides a broad selection of highly configurable, business class desktops, notebooks, servers and storage solutions based on current technology trends and industry standard architectures; assembled from components of industry leading manufacturers.

Mac and IOS products and systems – We take pride in being Apple savvy – Ask around and be confident in your choices.

Validated platforms that are “Designed for Windows” certified.
Broad selection of systems and components for high configurability.
Assembled, tested and shipped to your exact specifications.

Our pride in our products decree that we stand behind what we sell. There are times when clients, having bought computer systems elsewhere, experience some trouble. WE are happy to take a look at any issue, big or small.